Keyword Research

Some SEO companies will promise to get you on to page one for a particular phrase, but will that result in a high number of visitors who will be converted into sales? Search engine optimisation is not just about ranking high for a particular phrase, but is about maximising the potential number of visitors who are looking for your product. It is about targeting phrases that are popular, whilst being realistic about your expectations.

Keyword research is one of the most important steps for effective SEO. When planning an SEO strategy, it is essential that the correct keywords are targeted. We analyse which phrases generate the most interest compared to the level of competition.

There are 3 types of search; information, navigation and transaction. Information searches are looking for a piece of information and are not necessarily looking to spend money. Navigation is about looking for a specific website (for example, typing facebook into Google to get to Transaction searches are where the money is. This is people searching for a product or service with the intention of potentially investing money in it.

Getting the keyword research right is a very fine line. Targeting highly competitive phrases will take years to produce results. Targeting non-competitive phrases will not generate any visitors. Targeting the wrong type of searches may drive traffic to your website, but not convert them into sales.

Our expert keyword research not only maximises the number of potential visitors to your website, but also maximises the chances that they will turn into sales.

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