Local SEO

Do you run a small or family run local business? Are you concerned that SEO Wirral isn’t the best thing for you? Think again.

There is a misconception that search engine optimisation only benefits large companies that operate nationwide. This leads to the belief that small business cannot compete and that big budgets are required. However, the truth is that your potential customers in your local area are looking for your services online and you need to let them find you.

Local SEO campaigns can be very different from those for big businesses. Whilst the standard practices of creating great content and getting links from other websites are still important, search engines also need to know that you are an established business in the area that people can trust. Therefore, your name, address and phone number need to be correctly optimised on your website and these need to match citations from around the internet. Your on-site content needs to make it clear to your visitors that you operate in their area. Your customers also need to be encouraged to leave positive reviews about you on reputable websites.

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